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Joice Mujuru and the parils of women in politics

Recently Joice Mujuru was rushed from the political rally in Bulawayo to hospital in Harare for urgent Medical Care.  The same thing happened to Hilary Clinton during the 911 commemoration ceremony where she collapsed on how way to the car.

In the United States Donald Trump has made an issue of her health and stamina a campaign issue.  Because of the age of Joice Mujuru the same argument can be made in her case.  But how fair really is this argument.

Women are constantly judged by the same standard as men and in most cases this is a fair judgment.  However in cases of physical strength, women cannot be held to the same standards.  While men a physically stronger research shows that women live much longer and healthier lives.  And as far as the ability to do the job this should not be questioned as currently the two major countries in Europe I headed by women.

However in the case of Zimbabwe what should really be questioned is the trustworthiness of Joice Mujuru.  Has she a really moved away from ZANU PF and is she a really committed to democratic principles.  That is a case that she and her party will have to the Zimbabwe and people.

Since her hospitalization two days ago, the campaign has not released any additional information about her health.  We are used to all our leaders withholding health information.  In a democratic society this should be required of or presidential candidates as it greatly impacts their ability to do a stressful job.

Some have asked if Zimbabwe is ready for a female President.  I think all agree, we are ready for a competent president, no matter the gender.

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