Protests and Demonstrations. What next for Zimbabwe?

Editor There have been protests and demonstrations in Zimbabwe since independence in 1980.  There has always been a recognized opposition party, yet the ruling party has won every single election since. Is it the incompetence of the opposition parties, the will of the Zimbabwean people to maintain the status quo, the inability

Old Boy Band Sings For Peace And Goodwill In 2017

Some are calling it Nigeria's new "boy band." An "old boy band" would be more like it. A new singing group that burst onto the Nigerian musical scene over the new year consists of senior citizens — a chorus of prominent past political and military leaders from Africa's most populous nation.

Investing in Africa’s Youth is the Only Way Forward

GE’s committed to Africa’s sustainable development, under the hallmarks of responsible leadership and operational excellence, has positioned skills development and talent at the heart of its business initiatives. With several training, development and leadership programmes designed to encourage GE staff to  progress, the multi-national also supports the advancement of students

Land reform recipients to pay rent

Free land no longer free. In the biggest about turn for the party that fought for independence, ZANU PF government is considering 99-year leases that will see rentals charged annually, it said in a document obtained by Bloomberg News and confirmed by Lands and Rural Settlements Minister Douglas Mombeshora. The war

If you don’t like it here then leave!

These were the words spoken by the President of Zimbabwe.  A man chosen, I repeat chosen to help fulfill the dreams and aspirations of a nation.  To guide, challenge and inspire all to achieve greatness for themselves as well as their country.  Leave! Cde President and go where?  You have poisoned

How Mugabe keeps outfoxing the opposition

Because of the way in that the Zimbabwean government and economy is set up, only one party has access to all the information and capabilities to manipulate the electorate.  This may be in the form of providing state resources provided basic function of government with a requirement that the recipient

The last thing we need is a military coup

Recently I've observed with alarm that there are some people that are calling on the military to take over the government of Zimbabwe.  Not only is as unconstitutional and goes against all democratic norms, it is the kind of action that only leads to repression, removal of civil rights, worsening economic