Now That Cuba Is Open, Americans Aren’t Going

Last year they couldn’t wait to see Havana. This year airlines cut service. What happened? America, did you miss the travel industry’s memo declaring Cuba the hottest new destination? Apparently. Service to the long-time U.S. foe began in September, but after just five months the largest carrier to the island, American Airlines Group

Africa’s fight with the ICC

In its long running disagreements with the manner in which the International Criminal Court has managed its prosecutorial mandate, the African Union has backed a mass withdrawal from the ICC. In its first ten years, the ICC’s investigations and prosecutions have all concerned situations in Africa. The Court has issued

The disappearing front porch – Kids dying in Chicago

Children, families caught in the crosshairs as bullets pierce sense of safety in Chicago By Rosa Flores, Mallory Simon and Madeleine Stix Before they go to kindergarten, children in Chicago learn to hit the floor at the sound of gunfire. One child age 16 or younger is murdered in the city every week