In Zimbabwe, losing husband can mean ‘losing everything’

HARARE, Zimbabwe –  For many Zimbabwean women, the death of a husband means much more than losing a spouse. What follows is usually a rush by in-laws for property, stripping the widow and her children bare, a phenomenon described by Human Rights Watch in a report launched Tuesday as "profound injustice." Zimbabwe's

4 Quick Indoor Workouts for a Strong Core & Defined Abs

First, let’s get it out of the way – you don’t need a gym to do these workouts! They can be done anywhere, anytime and (all except two) without any equipment. A strong core is critical to your overall strength and can help to alleviate back pain and help you

Stunner, wife back together

Rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme and his wife Olinda Chapel on Thursday night shocked people by their public spate, which apparently now seems to have been a publicity stunt. Olinda took to Facebook to accuse Stunner of cheating on her with an 18-year-old named Deon, chatting with his ex-girlfriend Pokello Nare and

Investing in Africa’s Youth is the Only Way Forward

GE’s committed to Africa’s sustainable development, under the hallmarks of responsible leadership and operational excellence, has positioned skills development and talent at the heart of its business initiatives. With several training, development and leadership programmes designed to encourage GE staff to  progress, the multi-national also supports the advancement of students

This mobile program is helping moms and babies in South Africa

Healthy and happy expectant mothers and new babies is the aim of MomConnect, a mobile-based program that delivers health messages to new mothers and mothers-to-be. Users can sign up for weekly texts about their pregnancy, with health related information and updates about what they should expect to be experiencing. They can also

No castration of rapists, says vice president Mnangagwa

CASTRATING rapists will not end the problem of rape and sexual abuse of minors, vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa has said. President Robert Mugabe has previously warned that government might introduce castration for rapists to crack down on a problem where culprits are often relatives, mostly advised by traditional healers that

Zimbabwe prisons ‘worse than hell’

Human rights activists urge Zimbabwe to address appalling prison conditions World Bulletin / News Desk Prisons anywhere in the world are horrible places for any human being, but activists in Zimbabwe describe the cells in their country as “worse than hell”. Linda Masarira is a 34-year-old popular Zimbabwean female protester, who has had