Department of Homeland Security lifts airline laptop ban

The Department of Homeland Security has lifted the ban on laptops on flights into the US from Middle Eastern and North African countries. The controversial ban, introduced by the Trump administration back in March, was almost extended to all international flights, but has now been scrapped altogether. Airports have introduced enhanced

Why Straight Women Are Marrying Each Other

In the Mara region of northern Tanzania, Abigail Haworth discovers an empowering tribal tradition undergoing a modern revival. By Abigail Haworth and Photographs by Charlie Shoemaker Jul 25, 2016 Mugosi Maningo and Anastasia Juma's homestead lies among a cluster of hamlets that make up the remote village of Nyamongo in

Chief Justice Luke Malaba

Justice Luke Malaba is set to be the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Zimbabwe.  But who is he?  What do we know about him? Malaba got his law degrees in 1974 from the University of Warwick and in 1982 from the University of Zimbabwe. He spent 3 years

Protests and Demonstrations. What next for Zimbabwe?

Editor There have been protests and demonstrations in Zimbabwe since independence in 1980.  There has always been a recognized opposition party, yet the ruling party has won every single election since. Is it the incompetence of the opposition parties, the will of the Zimbabwean people to maintain the status quo, the inability

Pastor who led protests is arrested on return home

HARARE, Zimbabwe –  A lawyer says a Zimbabwe pastor who fled to the United States after launching a popular protest movement has been arrested on his return home. Lawyer Harrison Nkomo says Evan Mawarire was picked up at Harare International Airport on Wednesday. Police spokeswoman Charity Charamba says Mawarire was picked up

The true cost of our government

This past week, the Minister of Local Government, Savior Kasukawere, made a statement in which he claimed that maladministration by MDC led Councils had cost 500 lives in the past few months. I found this laughable when compared to what this government has cost us in lives, income and welfare

Motorists Face New Road Fee In Zimbabwe

Harare motorists are set to fork out more for using city roads as the local authority mulls introducing a fee for road maintenance following inadequate allocations from the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara). Harare City Council was allocated $1,2 million for road maintenance this year, an amount it dismissed as a