Hands-on with iOS 10.3 beta

Apple has released iOS 10.3 beta 1 to developers. The update brings several new features to the table, including Find My AirPods for helping to keep track of Apple’s recently-released and highly popular AirPods. But that’s not all that’s new in iOS 10.3. In this hands-on video walkthrough, we’ll step

Apple sues Qualcomm, saying chipmaker withheld $1B as “extortion”

Apple sued Qualcomm today, alleging that the chip company charges billions in patent royalties "for technologies they have nothing to do with." In its complaint, Apple says that Qualcomm actually withheld $1 billion in payments it owes to Apple because Apple cooperated with the Korea Fair Trade Commission, or KFTC. Apple lawyers go

Bitcoin value in Zimbabwe and beyond fluctuates

Bitcoin, the famous cryptocurrency which started off the year on a high note with a valuation of over US$1,000 across multiple exchanges had a very turbulent week after its grand entry in 2017. Over a 7 day period, it fell from its US$1,020-plus perch, dropping by as much as $200 on

Tech trends to watch in 2017

Will 2017 be the year when the self-driving car really takes off? Will companies like Apple continue to dominate consumers’ wish lists, or will new startups emerge to challenge the larger, more established brands? For every groundbreaking development that comes along to shift the ways people live their lives, there

Investing in Africa’s Youth is the Only Way Forward

GE’s committed to Africa’s sustainable development, under the hallmarks of responsible leadership and operational excellence, has positioned skills development and talent at the heart of its business initiatives. With several training, development and leadership programmes designed to encourage GE staff to  progress, the multi-national also supports the advancement of students

This mobile program is helping moms and babies in South Africa

Healthy and happy expectant mothers and new babies is the aim of MomConnect, a mobile-based program that delivers health messages to new mothers and mothers-to-be. Users can sign up for weekly texts about their pregnancy, with health related information and updates about what they should expect to be experiencing. They can also

DStv Zimbabwe’s new prices

DStv Zimbabwe recently shocked its customers with the announcement of a reduction of the prices on some of its bouquets. The issue of steep prices from the pay TV company has been a pain point for years and its not just Zimbabweans that complain about it. In fact, its one of

BlackBerry ends smartphone development

BlackBerry used to be an incredibly successful smartphone maker, but the iPhone and Android changed that. Now, the company formerly known as RIM cannot even manage to sell a measly one million units in a quarter, let alone compete against players like Apple and Samsung. So, with a market share hovering