Protests and Demonstrations. What next for Zimbabwe?

Editor There have been protests and demonstrations in Zimbabwe since independence in 1980.  There has always been a recognized opposition party, yet the ruling party has won every single election since. Is it the incompetence of the opposition parties, the will of the Zimbabwean people to maintain the status quo, the inability

This Flag movement – why no one is heading the Pastor.

This Sunday, Mawarire called for football supporters in attendance at the Zimbabwe Derby (Dynamos vs Highlanders) to all stand up in the 36th minute, in solidarity, and show their displeasure with the government of Zimbabwe. The 36th minute came and went. Not a single flag in sight, no jeers for the government, or

This Flag

MobileZim will start highlighting issues around #ThisFlag campaign. We would like to high this video from Povo Zimbabwe. War Vets speak out directly to the president